3 Common Limiting Beliefs About Money

Nov 16, 2021

There are three common limiting beliefs about money that could be affecting your ability to earn and keep more of your money.  Let’s talk about these three common limiting beliefs about money and you can determine if you have this belief even slightly and then follow the tip to end the problem.

Money is a Limited Resource

This is something you’ve been taught since you were little – not only by your parents, but also by your school and society. Money is treated as if it’s a finite source. But it really isn’t. Especially now that money is not backed by the “gold” standard and instead is just a made-up figment of your imagination. When they need more money, they can literally print more.

Think of this. When a bank loans out money, it’s creating new money out of thin air. If you put 100 dollars in savings, the bank can now loan out 80 dollars of that money (and remember you still have your 100 dollars that you can spend if you want...

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The Danger of Bootstrapping Your Online Business

Nov 09, 2021

Creating a new business from scratch online is not expensive. Almost anyone can start a blogging business, for example, with about 150 bucks – depending on whether you need a business license or not. But the blog site will cost you about 20 bucks for hosting plus the domain name to get started. That’s really nothing in the scheme of things if you think about it. That’s why most people who start an online business bootstrap it.

Bootstrapping a business means that you don’t get a loan and just use some extra money out of pocket to get the business started. As soon as possible, you use only the money you’re bringing in from the business to run the business. It’s a great way to start an online business. But, it’s easy to get into a rut of not investing enough money in your business when you are bootstrapping it.

The best thing you can do though, especially when bootstrapping, is to put all the money back into your business as soon as possible....

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What is a Wealth Mindset & What Does it Have to Do with My Business?

Nov 02, 2021

There is a vast difference between two people when one has a wealth mindset as compared to a limited “poor” mindset. A wealth mindset is one of abundance. It doesn’t mean just money either. It means riches physically and spiritually, too. A wealth mindset focuses on being physically healthy, forming good relationships with others and yourself, and on being healthy financially today and tomorrow. But you may wonder, “What does this have to do with my business?”

When you have a wealth mindset, you start to realize that in your business you have assets and investments more than you have expenses. For example, if you have a business, your website is an asset. Your email list is an asset. Each paid product you offer is an asset. All these assets will affect your bottom line for months and years to come.

As an individual, your investments that you focus on now will be paying off tomorrow. Investing in a 401K, an IRA, or other investments that are designed to...

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Is Your Money Mindset Holding You Back from Business Growth?

Oct 25, 2021

The fact is, almost everyone has limiting beliefs and mindset issues that hold them back that formed unknowingly around something. But money mindset issues lead to this problem due to the lack of financial education that most people have. Most people learn everything they know about money from their parents. What parents know is 100 percent tied to their own education and financial class they were born into. This type of knowledge is more likely to be passed forward through close family relationships rather than school education on the topic.

These mindset issues show up easily with proof. It shows up in that eBook you wrote 6 months ago that you haven’t launched because you think your writing isn’t good enough, but you haven’t hired an editor who could advise you and you’re just sitting on it. In fact, you might have already started on another project instead of launching the first, second, or third.

Mindset issues show up because you spend hours trying to...

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Tips for Discovering Your Current Money Mindset

Oct 19, 2021

The first thing you need to do in order to tackle any erroneous mindset issues you have is to seek to discover your current money mindset. You can use typical self-discovery methods like journals and tracking, but you can also seek help from a mindset coach.

  • Track Everything – Start with tracking all your finances – business and personal. You want to know every dime that’s coming in and leaving and why. Using this as the catalyst for your journal will also help you know what types of information you need to study.
  • Keep a Journal – The best way to identify issues that you may be sitting on is to keep a journal. Anytime anything to do with making choices comes up, write it down. Write down the pros and cons of every single choice for a while so that you can learn to make choices based on facts.
  • Tell Your Story – Sometimes it can help to sit down and write the story of your financial life. How did you grow up? What happened when you had money drop in your...
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Why Does Money mindset matter in Business

Oct 11, 2021

Money mindset makes a huge difference in how a person reaches and handles success.

If you have a poor mindset and fill your thoughts with limiting ideas, you may experience:

  • Less happiness and passion – You may only dabble in the niche you really love that lights you up because you are too busy doing things to get ready to do the thing that you’re passionate about. You know the trap. You have to figure out each step of the process and you feel like you have to do it all yourself - when you really don’t.
  • Less confidence in your skills – Because you don’t expect to succeed, you lack confidence in your abilities and skills. You don’t feel as if you deserve success, so you don’t experience it.
  • Inability to make logical money-based decisions – When it comes to money, due to all your fears surrounding money, and all the poor life lessons you’ve had your entire life regarding money, you find it stressful and hard to make choices and...
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Spend Two Minutes Each Day Unconnected and With Only Yourself and Your Thoughts

Oct 05, 2021

Even if you work hard at disconnecting from your notifications and only checking the news twice a day, it’s still important to intentionally disconnect with the world and focus on yourself and your own thoughts each day.


How do you really feel about the project you just completed?


How do you really feel about what’s going on with your daughter?


The way you feel about something may not be clear when clouded by other people’s thoughts and emotions or distractions from the world.


Your thoughts build your reality, and your mind – both conscious and subconscious – is what creates your thoughts. You are in charge of what you allow into your mind based on what you read, consume, and whom you surround yourself with, and the sources you choose in which to educate yourself. It’s all up to you.


Most thoughts are subconscious and not something you are aware of at all times. This is mostly because you cannot actually think of...

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Daily Habit to End Clutter: Throw Stuff Away

Sep 27, 2021

The daily habit of getting rid of things you’re not going to use will help you cut down on clutter, ensure you think twice before buying something new, and make you feel light and free. Holding on to old stuff just because you hate to get rid of it is just clogging up your home with dust magnets, making your office look cluttered, and it might even be causing brain fog which cuts down on your productivity.


It really doesn’t matter what any guru or so-called expert says, if your 1000 book collection brings you joy, even though you have to dust it, and you rarely read the books again – it’s not wrong to keep them. However, don’t let an illogical attachment to stuff keep you trapped in an environment that is not conducive to reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself.


So, if you read this title and thought, “Not another lecture on minimalism,” don’t worry, it’s not. In many ways, the ability to even call oneself...

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Always Ask If What You Are Doing Is Really Worth It or Not

Sep 20, 2021

One bit of advice that most coaches will give you regarding living a more balanced life is that you need to say no more often. But sometimes, they aren’t that clear on how you decide if something is a no or a yes. One way to do better than saying no is to learn how to say yes, the right way. Once you learn how to say yes, the right way, it’ll become a habit, and saying no will never be difficult again.


  • Tell Them You’ll Answer by a Certain Time – When anyone asks you to do something unless it’s an enthusiastic “hell yeah,” don’t say yes or no immediately. Tell the person you’ll get back to them by a certain deadline to give them an answer. This gives you time to ensure you really want to do it or not.


  • Check Your Schedule – Think about what it will take to do what you are being asked to do. Will you even have enough time? Even if you want to do it and don’t have the time, it might be best to say no.


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Schedule Your Daily Activities Based on Your Goals

Sep 13, 2021

Developing daily habits that drive success sounds complicated, but the truth is, when you break down your actions based on what you want to achieve and then distribute that action realistically into your daily to-do list, success will start to feel almost automatic.


Turn Daily Planning into a Habit


Every morning first thing, it’s important to take a look at the to-do list that has been created based on the goals you’ve set at other times. Putting the actions, you need to do in order of importance and based on today's reality is important to help avoid any roadblocks to achieving the goals you’ve set.


This type of planning should only take about five minutes and consist of simply opening your scheduling method, whether it’s paper or digital, and double-checking the schedule for any bottlenecks or issues. You can then rearrange things on the fly to ensure ease of success.


All To-Do Lists Need to Be Goal-Based


If something made...

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