Working Smart Not Hard

When taking a deep dive into the lack money mindset, one of the biggest indicators is the belief that working hard is the key to wealth and success. If this were true, slaves would hold all the riches in the world. Working hard does not guarantee wealth.


A wealth mindset sees the value of hard work but doesn’t relegate the work to extended hours or back-breaking feats of strength and endurance. Those with a wealth mindset have adopted the philosophy of working smart, not hard.


Working smart, not hard is a concept that allows for hard work as well as delegation, outsourcing, and maximizing resources in such a way that the goals are met with ease. Let’s take a look at an example:


Example: Tammy’s Bakery. Tammy is a baker who loves to make her grandmother’s recipes. Tammy started a bakery that serves her mid-sized community. In the beginning, Tammy did all the baking as well as all the marketing, ordering, and sales. Initially, it was fun...

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Are You a Quality or Quantity-Minded Spender?

When you shop, are you all about getting more for your money, or do you prefer to get the most for your money? In this case, more means quantity - give me all the white tees in my size! Most means quality - give me the very best white tee made no matter the cost.


People tend to fall into two funnels with their shopping - quality or quantity. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.


Pros of a quality-minded spender:


Pro #1. A quality-minded spender is generally patient and willing to wait to find the best possible addition to their home or closet.


Pro #2. A quality-minded spender is more aware of the benefits of construction, good materials, and is looking to make an investment that may cost money up front but saves money in the end.


Pro #3. A quality-minded spender usually has timeless taste that avoids trends; therefore, their purchases outlast fads.


Cons of a quality-minded shopper:


Con #1. Purchases can be time...

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Hazards of a Lack Mentality

Shifting your mindset from a lack mentality to a wealth mentality can feel overwhelming. Generally, people change their behavior when the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of doing something new. Until then, they go about life doing what they have always done, hoping for different results.


Everyone has that one thing that causes them to change. Whether it is an aha moment or witnessing or experiencing something that makes change necessary. One man’s trigger point is another man’s normal, but we can identify hazards of a lack mentality that might spark the desire for change.


Hazard #1. A lack mentality causes depression. If you have lived with a lack mindset believing that working hard is the only way to wealth, you may be experiencing depression. Chances are you are working harder than most, and you may not be seeing the conversion of work to income. You may also be making money but working so hard that your family barely sees you and you sort...

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Examples of Wealth That Aren’t Money Related

A wealth mindset isn’t just about money. As a matter-of-fact, most wealth has nothing to do with money at all. Money is a by-product of a wealth mindset. The wealth mindset encompasses every aspect of life - health, relationships, and your overall attitude about people in general.


Let’s look at some examples of wealth that aren’t money related:


A loving family- Having a family who loves you and chooses to spend time with you when there are a million other options is a true testimony to the wealth you have created.


A healthy, functioning body- If you are fit, have excellent mobility, and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, you are wealthy. Making the choices to eat well, exercise regularly, and be in nature are all examples of making good investments. Just like your money, making smart moves with your health reaps great returns.


High-functioning relationships- If you have friends you can count on and have healthy relationships with people in your...

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Your Financial Future

Generally speaking, your money mindset is like an apple that hasn’t fallen far from the tree. That’s an analogy that often refers to a parent-child relationship. Your money mindset is generally similar to your parents’ as they have a large impact on your thoughts and feelings about money.


Here’s how:


  • How they managed their money affected your quality of life as a child
  • How they spoke about money affected your thoughts about money
  • Your parents’ reactions to financial setbacks made an impression on you whether you know it or not


Here’s why:


How your parents managed money affected your quality of life: Whether you wore hand-me-downs, or your clothes came from the finest stores, this was a direct result of your parents’ thoughts about money. The types of foods you ate and whether or not you ever vacationed as a child was due to your parents’ decisions about their budget. If you lived hand-to-mouth or affluent,...

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A Wealth Mindset is a Game Changer

A wealth mindset is the term used to describe a positive relationship with money. A wealth mindset absolutely includes a clear understanding of your family’s budget and spending habits, but it is much more than profit and loss. A wealth mindset translates to other areas of life, including, but not limited to:


  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Respect for others
  • And so much more!


Before we look at the wealth mindset, let’s look at the alter ego of the wealth mindset - the poverty mindset. The poverty mindset comes from a place of lack. A poverty mindset pits people against one another because there is a sense of not enough or competition. A poverty mindset sees others as a threat or out to get what is yours. People coming from a poverty mindset are busy hoarding anything they have - whether it be money, resources, love, and more - trying to keep themselves from facing dire consequences.


A wealth mindset comes from a place of inclusion and endless resources. A...

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What Money & Success Habits Do You Want to Embrace?

What do you need to work on and what are some good habits that you want to build? You’ll want to make a list, write them down, prioritize them, and then develop a plan to achieve the results that you want.

Subjective experience isn’t really a good way to make money decisions. You also need to read research, data, and information related to your business and industry to find out if your subjective experience relates at all. It’s shocking when it doesn’t relate to the norm, but that happens.

You don’t have to be in the majority of your niche to market to the majority of your niche audience. You just have to accept that you need the research to make smart decisions and that due to what you learned growing up, through education, and life, that wasn’t correct. But that’s OK and you can start making better choices now.

  • Make a List – Quickly write down the money mindset blocker that you have discovered during this challenge. For example,...
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Stop Trying to Keep Up – Create Your Own Business Plan for Success

It’s fun looking online for inspiration and to help you write your map to your ideal business. But, it can be discouraging when no matter (it seems) how hard you try, you just don’t measure up to them. You’ve been taught to follow your inspiration, get on their lists, follow them on social media, buy their products to learn how they do things so that you can fill in the gaps and do it better – but sometimes that is just overwhelming.

Particularly when you start figuring out that many people online aren’t really that successful once you get to know them. Then you start wondering how many people you admire who haven’t experienced success at all. They’re taking the “fake it till you make it” idea too far. That’s supposed to be something you do internally, not outwardly. It’s for you, not for others.

Here’s the thing: even if you find out someone isn’t as successful as you thought, there are still successful...

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Money Isn’t Your Most Limited Resource – Time Is!

time blocking Apr 05, 2022

Now that you know that money is not a limited resource, it’s time to discuss a resource that is more limited than most. Time. Each person on earth is given the same 24 hours in a day to accomplish everything they need. You’re no different.

But what if I told you that time isn’t really that limited after all. You likely saw that one coming. If not, this is your wake-up call. Nothing is limited. Everything is really unlimited. Remember, a limitation is just a solution waiting to happen.

When you outsource any task, you immediately gain time in your life to do things you want to do by leveraging someone else’s time by paying them for theirs. You are literally buying someone’s time to use as your own for that period you pay for.

How much their time costs generally depends on the skill they are offering. But, if you outsource something that saves you an hour a week, that’s 4.3 hours a month you can do something else that makes money with. If you pay...

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The Hidden Cost of Avoiding Outsourcing & Hiring

One reason people are often hesitant to outsource is that not only do they think they can do it themselves, they feel that they must do it all themselves for it to be their business. It’s almost like outsourcing is cheating. But there is nothing further from the truth than this. Outsourcing to experts will boost your business exponentially.

Experts are Faster

When you hire an expert to handle a task, you don’t have to train them or teach them anything. They already know what they’re going to do, plan it, and implement it without that much from you. This means that you can go from idea to offer much faster when you pay for the assistance of experts.

When you can get a product to market faster, you can create more products, therefore more offers, faster. If you have outsourced to experts and everyone does their part, this can run very easily – almost automatically.

Experts are Better

Yes, an expert in Google AdSense is naturally going to perform much better at...

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