What Money & Success Habits Do You Want to Embrace?

What do you need to work on and what are some good habits that you want to build? You’ll want to make a list, write them down, prioritize them, and then develop a plan to achieve the results that you want.

Subjective experience isn’t really a good way to make money decisions. You also need to read research, data, and information related to your business and industry to find out if your subjective experience relates at all. It’s shocking when it doesn’t relate to the norm, but that happens.

You don’t have to be in the majority of your niche to market to the majority of your niche audience. You just have to accept that you need the research to make smart decisions and that due to what you learned growing up, through education, and life, that wasn’t correct. But that’s OK and you can start making better choices now.

  • Make a List – Quickly write down the money mindset blocker that you have discovered during this challenge. For example, “I think rich people are bad.” Or “Money is limited and I don’t like taking other people’s money.”
  • Prioritize the List – Look at the list you came up with and put them in order of importance based on how much money you think you can save if you improved your mindset on this issue. You can also put them in time-saving order if that speaks to you more clearly.
  • Develop a Plan – Now that you’ve identified the most important blocker to circumvent, work on a plan to do it in the next thirty days. You may decide you need to hire a coach, or you may already know exactly what you need to do. Get it done.

Now that you have the plan, it’s time to do the most important thing. Implement the plan. Make sure that you organize the implementation of this plan in your calendar in a realistic way. Remembering your real budget, your real-time, and your real life. Just because someone else was able to tackle this same thing in 30 days doesn’t mean you should. You may need 60 days. Maybe you only need 15. Create your plan based on research and self-awareness.

Once you have implemented the plan to improve your mindset issues, you’re going to start noticing other issues that you need to deal with. But they won’t be as hard because your mind has opened to the possibilities outside of your known life. Each lesson will be easier to learn because you’re just more open to experiencing success – even if it turns out differently than you thought it would when you started this journey.

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