Take Control Of Your Time


No matter how new or experienced you are in your business, you've probably struggled with figuring out how to take control of your time. It's common for women entrepreneurs to unintentionally waste hours on unproductive activities that don't contribute to the progress of their business.


One reason for this is that many women in business don't know exactly what to do with their time. As a result, they end up focusing on tasks they're already familiar with or comfortable doing. They may also spend time on busywork that makes them feel productive but doesn't generate significant income.


Fear is another underlying reason. Women are afraid of upsetting others, disappointing loved ones, or appearing too focused on success at the expense of relationships. Instead of prioritizing their business growth, they prioritize meeting everyone else's needs.


Taking control of your time also means challenging deeply ingrained beliefs about how women should always be "nice" or "helpful."


I face these challenges myself since one of my influential Archetypes is Nurturer. I have to pay close attention and be intentional about the way I use my time so I don’t give it away easily.


That's why I want to share three of my favorite tips on where to focus your time for productivity while honoring feminine qualities like nurturing, generosity, and care.


Tip #1: Respect Your Time 


Most women business owners wouldn't interrupt someone, or ask for help when they're clearly busy. Yet, we allow ourselves to be interrupted, answer calls immediately, check messages obsessively, and constantly engage in social media messages and text messages.


I recommend turning off your phone notifications at least once a day and scheduling specific times for checking emails. By treating your time with the same respect you give to others, you'll accomplish more and bring peace and sanity to your day.


Tip #2: Clearly Define Your Million-dollar Work


Does the owner of a million-dollar business personally handle tasks like sending newsletters, blogging, or searching for clip art? I can tell you the answer is a resounding "no!"


It's crucial to focus on tasks you excel at. For most women, these activities involve building relationships, promoting their message extensively, or planning product launches. These tasks shouldn't be squeezed in alongside everything else; they should be your primary focus. You'll see an immediate boost in business growth and energy once you shift your mindset and dedicate your time to activities that help grow your audience, market your business, or serve clients.

Tip #3: Embrace the Power of Support


You don't need to know how to do every task before delegating it to someone else. Remember, your ability to grow your business is directly related to your ability to ask for and receive support. It means hiring assistance before you feel completely overwhelmed. You do not have to hire someone full time but a few hours per week will quickly make a positive impact.


How do you know when you need to delegate more?


You can find out when you need to delegate more if you have tasks that had been on your to-do list for a few days or weeks or emails sitting untouched in your inbox. If you feel stressed or overwhelmed, if you find yourself working after hours when you should be relaxing, or if you find yourself micromanaging everything.


Once you shift your focus to tasks that a million-dollar business owner would prioritize, adding 5k to your revenue becomes entirely possible. It's all about letting go of your current time habits and taking control of your time.


I am sure you do not want to spend another day working hard, stressing out, and not making progress. Schedule a free strategy call today, let me help you take control of your time.



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