Getting to that Next Level of Income Takes Momentum

There is something about a business, especially a digital online business, that is truly amazing in that it will start slow and then slowly build and one day (assuming all positive steps were taken), it will gain momentum and take off and people will think you’re an overnight success.

Some people call it the snowball effect. This is a great example of the idea of momentum. Start rolling the snowball in your hands, then as it grows you start rolling it on the ground, it finally gets so heavy that it rolls down the hill alone getting bigger as it goes without your help.

Business can be a lot like that. You start out with every position being filled by you. You do the best you can, slowly building up the business until you can finally hire a bookkeeper, then you bring on a banker, an accountant, and a lawyer. You incorporate your business. You hire a business manager, you find a couple great VAs, and bring on a landing page expert. And it continues. You hire what you need, and experts implement your plans.

One day you look at your bank account and realize it’s growing exponentially. It’s growing because you have experts doing what they do best while you do what you do best. You’re now in a position of coming up with business ideas and directing other people to implement. That’s a lot less work than when you’re the one implementing all alone. Thankfully, today, you don’t have to be alone.

Here are three things you can do to truly help your business take advantage of the snowball effect and momentum:

  1. Build & Maintain Relationships – You need to build and maintain relationships with your customers and your affiliates. You should be nurturing your email list, encouraging your affiliates to contact customers, and finding ways to bring yourself closer to these people.
  2. Create, Find, or Make an Offer Every Day – You want to find or create products that you can offer to your audience daily. The more you put out offers, the more money you’re going to make but ensure that the offers fit the audience. You don’t need a new offer daily, but you need to make an offer daily.
  3. Take Positive Money-Making Actions Daily – You should have a list of money-making activities handy at this point. You want to take that list and seed it through the days and weeks and months to come to ensure that you are doing some form of money-making action every single day, from emailing your list to creating more landing pages.

If you want a business that continues to grow and expand, it’s imperative that you realize you can’t do this on your own. You need to build relationships with others, including customers and affiliates (and colleagues too), in order to ensure that your customers are experiencing what they hoped for and affiliates can demonstrate to future customers what you offer.


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