What are Your Money Blocks?

let’s get to this a little more directly. The examples, while common, may not necessarily relate to your situation but the process of discovering the blocks you have, and mitigating the block, is the same.

Write down a list of past money mistakes that you’ve made that you know for sure were a mistake now because the data is in and shows the mistake clearly. For example, did you fall for a timeshare presentation and now you must pay for the same vacation for the rest of your life and even pass it on to your kids? Did you buy a home because you thought it was a good financial idea or for some other reason? Do you have student loans that you regret?

Write down the story about why you made the choice you made regarding the idea you had that you now call a mistake. Then write down why your ideas at that time were wrong, how you know they were wrong, and how you can in the future ensure that when you make financial choices you really give yourself time to educate yourself and...

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