Are You a Quality or Quantity-Minded Spender?

When you shop, are you all about getting more for your money, or do you prefer to get the most for your money? In this case, more means quantity - give me all the white tees in my size! Most means quality - give me the very best white tee made no matter the cost.


People tend to fall into two funnels with their shopping - quality or quantity. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each.


Pros of a quality-minded spender:


Pro #1. A quality-minded spender is generally patient and willing to wait to find the best possible addition to their home or closet.


Pro #2. A quality-minded spender is more aware of the benefits of construction, good materials, and is looking to make an investment that may cost money up front but saves money in the end.


Pro #3. A quality-minded spender usually has timeless taste that avoids trends; therefore, their purchases outlast fads.


Cons of a quality-minded shopper:


Con #1. Purchases can be time...

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