How to Productize Your Service

As a freelancer, you may be constantly dealing with sales pitches, proposal writing and price negotiating for each and every job.

Unfortunately, if you don’t win the job, you’ve lost that time and energy with no pay to show for it.

And if you did win the job, chances are the price of your work and the scope of the project had been negotiated down to fit the client’s budget.

Not exactly a win-win.

Does this sound familiar? If you are a freelancer, then you can probably relate to this endless cycle.

It’s the life of a freelancer. And while it’s great being a freelancer and working for yourself, the extra work that can go into getting a client job and negotiating the fee can be exhausting.

The idea of productizing your service could solve this problem and completely transform how you run your freelance business.

So, what exactly is productizing?

Productizing is the concept of removing billable hours and systematizing your processes, all while charging...

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