Do You Have a Lid on Your Money-Making Capabilities?

Have you heard the story about the fleas in a jar? A flea has the capacity to jump very high and very far. Left to its own devices, a flea has an unimaginable ability to jump considering its size. A little flea with no limits has all the choices in the world right at the end of their good, long jump; however, if you put a flea in a jar and add a lid, the flea will adjust their jump to avoid bonking that lid. Even after the lid is removed, the flea only jumps their modified jump. This is due to the fact the flea believes the lid is there.


Sometimes people are like little financial fleas. They seem to think there is a lid on their financial jar and they will only expand so far to earn. They have every potential in front of them for limitless earning but stop short of the perceived lid for fear of pain.


Let’s take a look at some common reasons people put a lid on their money-making capabilities:


They had a bad experience- The biggest reason someone has a lid...

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