Money Mindset Hack – Pretend You’re Already Financially Successful

money mindset hack Jan 11, 2022

Surely your mom or grandmother has told you the secret to life already, right?

You know, “Fake it ‘till you make it?”

You’ve heard that before, right?

Well, while you want to always ensure every decision you make is based on reality, you can at least give this idea some thought each time you have a decision to make.

Ask yourself, “How would someone with a thriving online business do this?” When you get the answer, figure out how you can do it within your means.

If you don’t believe in this idea, think about the fact that scientists have discovered a few “fake it until you make it” ideas and discovered that the idea of pretending you’re already successful at something works.

  • Smiling – Studies have shown that if you make yourself smile anytime you are feeling down, you will lift your mood. It will actually be improved; it’s not just pretend It’s pretend when you first start, but then it ends up being real....
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