Money Magnifies Who You Are

We’ve all seen wildly generous people as well as stingy misers that never share any resources. Both might be wealthy, which proves money doesn’t buy happiness. Their wealth doesn’t guarantee that they are better people just because they have wealth.


Money is a magnifier. It puts a spotlight on your personality and projects it onto the big screen of your community. If you are a jerk without money, you’ll likely be a jerk with it. If you are fabulous when you are broke, chances are you will be extra fabulous when the wealth comes your way.


People attribute a lot of their personal satisfaction on how easy life is. How wealthy they perceive themselves to be translates to the ease they expect to have in life. Foolishly thinking you’ll be nicer when things are easier is… well, foolish.



Having more money doesn’t guarantee a better life. It won’t make you happier or easier to be around. Having a good attitude...

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