You Have to Spend Big to Grow Big

You’ve heard the saying that if you want to make money, you have to spend money. It is true. But the real key is not actually that you have to spend money, but that you have to acquire the skills, time, and technology to please your customers and sometimes that means spending money. But in reality, you only need to spend smart to grow big.

It’s easy to quantify this when you have physical inventory. If you sell widgets for 20 dollars profit each, you can easily do the math to determine out how many widgets you need to sell to make the kind of money you need and want to make. This math can also help you determine if you need more products, higher priced products, to build a bigger audience, or something more to build the type of business you want to build based on the monetary goal you just set.

Sometimes when someone has a digital product, they forget that the math is still the same. Profit = Revenue – Expenses. Once you know how to generate sales then you should...

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