Stop Having These 2 Conversations About Money

What we think about, we bring about. What we speak, we create. It’s that simple. The things we think and the things we say determine our outcomes in life. If we speak doom and gloom, that’s what we will find. If we speak life and love…. we find it too.


In this moment, you may have a bank account in the red and feel under employed and over extended. Your reality might look bleak and hopeless, but what you say about your reality determines your future. Sure, things may seem dire, but you can do something that doesn’t cost a dime to change things. Stop having these two conversations about money:


  1. Stop saying there’s not enough.
  2. Stop blaming your lack on someone or something else.  


It’s possible there’s not enough at this moment. I know that you can list a bunch of reasons why your lack is connected to someone or something else but leaning into those conversations is keeping you tied to their realities.



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