Working Smart Not Hard

When taking a deep dive into the lack money mindset, one of the biggest indicators is the belief that working hard is the key to wealth and success. If this were true, slaves would hold all the riches in the world. Working hard does not guarantee wealth.


A wealth mindset sees the value of hard work but doesn’t relegate the work to extended hours or back-breaking feats of strength and endurance. Those with a wealth mindset have adopted the philosophy of working smart, not hard.


Working smart, not hard is a concept that allows for hard work as well as delegation, outsourcing, and maximizing resources in such a way that the goals are met with ease. Let’s take a look at an example:


Example: Tammy’s Bakery. Tammy is a baker who loves to make her grandmother’s recipes. Tammy started a bakery that serves her mid-sized community. In the beginning, Tammy did all the baking as well as all the marketing, ordering, and sales. Initially, it was fun...

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It Takes a Team – Banker, Accountant, & Lawyer

One way to mitigate poor financial decisions is to put together a team. There is no one on this earth who can know and do everything themselves. When you stay educated, but also hire a team to help you make good decisions, it makes it easier for you to break through almost any financial mindset blockers with their help.


A good banker can help you with all sorts of information that you may need for your decision-making process. You need a bank that works with the type of business you are in the way you need to do business. Don’t overlook your local banks and bankers. Sometimes local is better and they still have all the technology that online banks have.


Every good business needs an accountant. You may also feel that you need a bookkeeper too although many accountants can set you up with mostly automated accounts which may reduce your need for a bookkeeper but it’s up to you. The more people you have watching the money, the better.



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Tips for Discovering Your Current Money Mindset

The first thing you need to do in order to tackle any erroneous mindset issues you have is to seek to discover your current money mindset. You can use typical self-discovery methods like journals and tracking, but you can also seek help from a mindset coach.

  • Track Everything – Start with tracking all your finances – business and personal. You want to know every dime that’s coming in and leaving and why. Using this as the catalyst for your journal will also help you know what types of information you need to study.
  • Keep a Journal – The best way to identify issues that you may be sitting on is to keep a journal. Anytime anything to do with making choices comes up, write it down. Write down the pros and cons of every single choice for a while so that you can learn to make choices based on facts.
  • Tell Your Story – Sometimes it can help to sit down and write the story of your financial life. How did you grow up? What happened when you had money drop in your...
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