Unleash the Power of Money-Making Activities: Boost Your Business Daily

Jul 04, 2023

As a female entrepreneur with a service-based business, it's crucial to identify the key money-making activities that will propel your success. If you've recognized any money mindset challenges, fret not! I am here to guide you through the process of transforming your business and maximizing your revenue potential.

But what exactly are money-making activities? Well, they vary depending on your unique business model. However, for an online business, let's delve into some essential ones that can fuel your financial growth:

List Building Activities: Strengthen your list-building strategies and optimize your opt-in forms. Enhance your freebie offers and leverage advanced technologies to expand your reach. Remember, a larger and engaged list often translates to increased earnings.

Affiliate Activities: Your affiliates can be your trusted allies in accomplishing money-making tasks. These partners excel in promoting offers, so nurturing these relationships will boost your revenue....

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Consequences of Limiting Beliefs

Feb 27, 2023

Everyone has limiting beliefs. That much you’ve probably heard before. You’ve probably also heard about the importance of overcoming those beliefs, and that the consequences of not doing so can be dire. Do you know what those consequences are, however?


Limiting beliefs can keep you from reaching or even setting goals. They can keep you mired in a cycle of “try and fail again” with seemingly no end or explanation. They can keep you from even trying to make your dreams come true.


Limiting beliefs around work can cause your career to bottom out. They can keep you from reaching your potential, from getting the job you want, and can even cause you to perform so poorly you get fired.


That’s only the start of what they can do to you. Many people, perhaps most in Western society, have limiting beliefs around money. This can lead to you being chronically broke and financially insecure no matter how much money you make. It can even cause you...

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A Business Coach Can Help You Identify & Overcome Money Blocks

Dec 28, 2021

The truth is, it’s going to be very difficult for you to delve into yourself to figure out what your money blocks are all alone. It’s not that it cannot be done, but sometimes it’s just not easy to see what’s going on with yourself. Sometimes you really do need someone who is trained to help lead the way for you. You can find this person by looking for a business coach.

You can find all sorts of business coaches today. If you believe you have money mindset issues that you want to deal with, the best coach for you is someone who deals with mindset issues, and you may even find someone who deals specifically with money mindset issues. It’s such a huge problem that it’s not surprising if there are people offering solutions for this very real problem.

  • Ask Your Network – When you come to believe a business coach will help you with your mindset issues, go ahead and let your network know that you’re considering coaches and would love...
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