The Power of Money Goals for Women Entrepreneurs


Here's a clear truth about money: while accidental successes can happen, intentional success is more likely when you plan for it by setting and sticking to money goals. If you want to thrive financially, creating a plan, tracking progress, reviewing, adjusting, and moving forward will put you on the path to success far more effectively than waiting for luck to strike.


Your Goals Should Be:


Long-Term - Some goals might take a year or more to achieve. For instance, you might plan to pay off a business loan over five years.


Medium-Term - These are goals within a shorter period, like quarterly planning for website content or launching a new product every month.


Short-Term - What steps can you take today to earn money? Keep track daily to know if your plans are working.


Separate - Distinguish between business and personal goals to remain objective. Paying yourself a salary can help separate the two.


Tracking is essential because it lets you test your assumptions and make necessary adjustments. If something you believed turns out to be false, don't fret. Just adapt and improve based on new information.


To set Money goals:


Be Specific - Define your goals clearly. Instead of saying, "I want to save $100 a month," be specific: "I'll save $100 a month by selling my product x 2 times per month." Make replacement plans to ensure success.


Make It Measurable - Your goals should include measurable aspects, such as money, time, weight, or subscribers. Identify what you can measure.


Keep It Attainable - Set realistic goals. Specificity in your goal-setting shows attainability based on your research. Review your results and improve as needed.


Be Results-Oriented - Each goal should contribute to your overall vision for your business. It should align with your financial independence aspirations.


Set a Time Limit - Assign deadlines to your goals. Determine how long it will take based on your research and collect data at multiple points to track progress.


By setting Money goals and regularly reviewing them, you can correct assumptions, refine your trajectory, and achieve exponential growth. Keep empowering yourself with knowledge and watch your dreams become reality!


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