Surrounding Yourself with Financially Savvy People

Did you know that most people earn an average of what their five closest friends earn? In fact, most people never earn a single dollar outside of their parent’s class or their friend’s class even if they work hard in school, make good choices, and go to college. That’s kind of depressing but there are reasons this happens. That’s why, if you really want to get over mindset issues that affect your money, you need to make new friends.

Network with Higher Earners

Go to the kind of events that the higher earners go to. Now, remember you don’t want to break the bank and you want to find out ways to do this without putting yourself in debt. But if you budget for networking with higher earners, it will pay off as your income goes up.  

Develop Friendships with Higher Earners

As you get to know people in that network, go ahead and make friends. There is nothing wrong with making friends. Don’t be dishonest with them about your position in life but don’t give away information you’re not asked about either. Show them that you’re a good person by letting them get to know you and vice versa.

Join Their Masterminds

Once you start hobnobbing with this new group of people, you’re going to discover their internal networks and masterminds. When you identify one that you really want to know more about, save the money to join at least once with someone you want to get to know better.

Observe Their Processes

As you surround yourself with successful people who are at least one level above you financially and otherwise, watch them carefully so that you can learn their processes. When you notice them doing something that stands out as special, let them know how much you like it. Make note of how you felt.

Speak Up About What You Do

You’re not invisible just because you don’t earn as much as someone else does, or you’re not as financially savvy as someone with more experience. You’re not worse than them and they’re not better than you. They’re just different people that you can learn from, but they can learn from you too, so speak out about what you do.

As you get to know these people who are at a higher income level than you, how they spend their money, how they invest, what they find important in life, how full their fridge is, how different their house is, and so forth, these are all good points of information for you to learn from. Just because something is considered savvy doesn’t mean you will want to do it or must do it. That’s why educating yourself about all the different ways you can invest money, save money, and spend money is important.


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