Stop Trying to Keep Up – Create Your Own Business Plan for Success

It’s fun looking online for inspiration and to help you write your map to your ideal business. But, it can be discouraging when no matter (it seems) how hard you try, you just don’t measure up to them. You’ve been taught to follow your inspiration, get on their lists, follow them on social media, buy their products to learn how they do things so that you can fill in the gaps and do it better – but sometimes that is just overwhelming.

Particularly when you start figuring out that many people online aren’t really that successful once you get to know them. Then you start wondering how many people you admire who haven’t experienced success at all. They’re taking the “fake it till you make it” idea too far. That’s supposed to be something you do internally, not outwardly. It’s for you, not for others.

Here’s the thing: even if you find out someone isn’t as successful as you thought, there are still successful people running businesses online and offline. Everyone is not a fake. You just need to start looking for better mentors. Find the ones that aren’t always leading with money. A really good mentor will encourage you to learn from others, but ultimately choose your own path.

At some point, you need to create a business plan. Even if you’ve been in business for four years, if you don’t have a plan yet, it’s time to start doing it. You’ll be so much more prepared and ready for opportunities that come along if you have a plan for your business which includes a financial plan. The financial plan will include how much you’ll be paid, how much you’ll invest in outsourcing, contracting, automation, advertising, and so forth.

To create your plan, know who you are, what your values are, and how your business relates to you and fulfills you. Understand also how your business solves problems for the customers and clients that you work with. Know what your plans are to run your business and what your plans are when you don’t want to run it anymore (an exit plan). This is going to make it a lot better for your entire life and business. You don’t want to work in your business for 20 or more years and realize you have no way to ever retire. Planning will help prevent this problem.

The main thing is that you need to truly believe that you can succeed. You know how you’ll succeed because you’ve studied your audience and you totally understand your niche. You will work with experts when you need to, and you’ll use the right software, platforms, and applications to automate your business because you have the business plan to lead you and guide you through this adventure.


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