Quick Tip: Set An Income Goal, Then Double It

I want you to be able to see that you can make more money. Take this challenge very seriously right now. Set a stretch goal for the income you want to make next month or next year. Then double it.

Write it down and look at it. Your conscious and subconscious will work on ways to make it happen. Want to grow faster? Double that goal again.

Once you have your goals set, start the next step to bring this idea to fruition by setting up the processes and scheduling the action. You can want something all you want, but if you don’t take the action necessary to see it through, you’re only hoping and wishing. To be successful, set goals, be specific, and act. It’s that easy, really.

You Can’t Fail

You must remember that setting a goal is going to help you build your business. You won’t always reach your goals, but you’ll get a lot further and grow a lot faster than with your original goals. You want your goals to be hard to reach. But, ensure that they are mathematically possible within certain parameters. Even if you don’t reach the goal, it’s not a failure. You will have done something and learned a lot for next time.

Set Up the Process

Once you set the goal, don’t just set it and forget it. Instead, write down all the steps that you need to do to reach the goal and schedule them into your calendar. Set up all the processes including technology and really go for it. Don’t skimp. Throw caution to the wind and buy that autoresponder software you wanted, get that landing page software that automates integrations, hire that graphic designer to make covers for your info product.

Be Realistic

While the goal you’re making is bigger than normal, you want to be realistic. Don’t expect to earn a million dollars overnight if you have no product and won’t advertise or use content marketing to find customers. Expect to do realistic work to get your results.  Be aggressive but keep your feet on the ground too so that you can experience success.

Take Action

One thing that must be different if you really want to experience success is to actually take action. Do the action. Email the list. Create the landing page. Post the blog post. Create the product. Write the course. Do the thing. You can’t fail if you’re doing it.

Remember, as you move forward with reaching this new, ambitious goal, take the time to learn from each experience. Instead of being upset when something goes wrong, take it as a learning experience and approach each roadblock with curiosity. Once you reach one goal, set another one; don’t hold back. Keep moving forward.

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