Money Mindset Boost: Supercharge Your Income with Daily Tracking


One reason why setting specific goals is important is because measuring and tracking your progress allows you to understand how to achieve the desired outcome. If you want to grow your email list, be clear about the exact number of subscribers you want, the pace at which you want to grow, and the steps you'll take based on your research. Then, keep track of your progress. Analyze what you've recorded, make adjustments, keep going, and repeat. By monitoring the impact of your actions, you can improve and make corrections along the way.

A simple and effective habit you can start right now is tracking your income on a daily basis. You can use an old-fashioned or a more modern one like an app. There are user-friendly software options available if you prefer a more sophisticated approach. Regardless of the method you choose, it won't require much extra time or money from your day. However, the results will amaze you.

Here's what you need to know about your money:

  • Where did it come from? Did you receive a commission payment? If so, identify the promotional effort that led to the sale and payment. Can you improve this result?
  • When did you receive it? Did you immediately get paid upon contact with the person, or was there a journey involved? How much time passed between your initial contact with the buyer and the actual sale? Trace the steps the buyer took.
  • Why did you receive it? Did you earn the money through recent work or was it unexpected income from something you did in the past? Another example of unexpected income could be receiving money from unrelated products when someone clicked on your partner link from Amazon and made a different purchase. By reflecting on these examples, you can determine why it happened and consider if it's repeatable.
  • What caused it? Did the money come in because of an automated email campaign or because you decided to promote a product earlier that morning? Understanding the cause of the income can help you generate more money.
  • How did you receive it? Was the money paid through PayPal, Credit Card, Stripe, or cryptocurrency (do you accept cryptocurrency)? Are there more members of your audience who prefer this payment method and are they seeing your offers?

By tracking these factors, you'll be able to steer your finances in the desired direction. This principle applies to pretty much everything, to get healthier (daily food intake), personal finances, and your business. Keep track of your incoming money, and where it's coming from. Monitor the who, what, when, why, and how behind those numbers to uncover new ways to generate more money and.

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