Money Isn’t Your Most Limited Resource – Time Is!

time blocking Apr 05, 2022

Now that you know that money is not a limited resource, it’s time to discuss a resource that is more limited than most. Time. Each person on earth is given the same 24 hours in a day to accomplish everything they need. You’re no different.

But what if I told you that time isn’t really that limited after all. You likely saw that one coming. If not, this is your wake-up call. Nothing is limited. Everything is really unlimited. Remember, a limitation is just a solution waiting to happen.

When you outsource any task, you immediately gain time in your life to do things you want to do by leveraging someone else’s time by paying them for theirs. You are literally buying someone’s time to use as your own for that period you pay for.

How much their time costs generally depends on the skill they are offering. But, if you outsource something that saves you an hour a week, that’s 4.3 hours a month you can do something else that makes money with. If you pay 100 an hour, but you turn around and use that time to create a new product that no one else can create, how much more will you really earn for those outsourced hours?

Another way to get more time is to invest in automation. Automation takes the place of human action and over time saves money over the human counterparts. Human time always costs more than computer or AI time. Remember, some forms of automation are inevitable. By avoiding automation, you won’t stop it from happening or save any jobs. Other types of jobs will appear based on needs that evolve after automation is here.

These are two blockers that I truly want you to delve into, and I hope you’ve got some insight on already. A good business owner does not do everything themselves. They trust smart people and experts to help them. They trust the right technology to help them. That’s why they’re amazing and seem to get so much done in a day. They get help. They pay for the help they need based on the research they’ve done about the type of investments that will pay off the most.

Buying more time, more resources, and more skills is a great way to overcome any shortages in your availability, resources, and skills. You can multiply your time and your money with this type of investment.

  • Consider autoresponder software. How many hours does that save you that you can spend on something else?
  • Consider bookkeeping software like Go Daddy Bookkeeping that integrates with the way you buy things so that you don’t have to spend a moment booking entries – because it’s all automatic.
  • Consider paying someone to deal with your customer service emails. They can do it quickly, without emotion, based on your desires for your customer service while you do something else.

Find the right things you need to start outsourcing and make a list of the software you know that you need to be using in your business. Get a solid list going as well as a timeline of when you’ll put this into action. It doesn’t have to happen overnight. Start with just one thing. Look at all the ideas, then pick the one that saves you the most time and has the most potential for a high return on investment. Then jump.

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