Let’s Talk Fear of Success vs. Fear of Failure

Everyone has some type of fear inside that they need to address. Often someone with a limiting mindset tends to have a fear of failure and even a fear of success that manifests itself as procrastination or even self-sabotage. Let’s talk about some of the ways these fears can cause issues for you and how to overcome them and make progress.

Here are some common symptoms of both the fear of failure and the fear of success manifest.

Fearing the Spotlight.

Not wanting to be in the spotlight. You don’t really want to be that successful because you don’t think you will like being in the spotlight. That’s why up until now you’ve chosen to be behind the scenes.

You are fearful of confrontation and you fear if you get too popular, people will come out of the woodwork and be mean to you and bully you. Taking criticism is hard. But it’s all part of the process of experiencing success.

Imposter Syndrome

Many people walk around feeling as if they are just faking it. Yes, they passed all the tests. They got the good jobs. They raised six figures with that business. Yet they still feel like a fake so often they will choose not to finish something or not to follow through just due to fear of being ousted as a charlatan.

I Don’t Want to Change

Some people have a mindset about a certain person. For example, if you think rich people are bad people or selfish people and you don’t want to be bad or selfish, you may resist becoming rich subconsciously.

I Don’t Know How

There are many unknowns when you start a business. If you think of the big dream business, the one where you’re already successful, that can cause some undue stress. Mainly because you don’t yet know how to deal with taxes, responsibilities, and so forth.

Thinking that far in advance can cause you to be stuck in research instead of building your business due to the fear of doing all that wrong and not being good enough.

Being afraid to try new things is a sign of specifically the fear of failure. If you experience that feeling and let it stop you, you may never get to where you want to go. You may do things that cause you to miss out on good opportunities. But you’re only going to know you’re doing it if you study it.

The main feeling you get when you suffer from the fear of success or failure is the feeling of being stuck. You’re stuck, and you keep doing the same thing over again even though it doesn’t work because of these fears. Address these fears by debunking them and then implementing a new way forward. But be ready for the ride; once you get it, it’ll be fast.


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