A Wealth Mindset isn’t Just About Attitude, it’s About behavior


“What you think about, you bring about.” - Bob Proctor

 It’s true that energy flows to the things you think about but thinking about things isn’t going to make them happen. Having a wealth mindset isn’t going to make money bags drop from the sky into your lap. Having a great attitude about wealth is the first step. The steps that come after lead to wealth appearing.

A wealth mindset isn’t just about attitude, it’s about behavior.

Moving from hoping things can change, to believing they can, to doing something about change is the flow that creates the wealth. How you live day-to-day creates the behaviors that take the mindset into practical experience. Let’s look at a few behaviors that shift a lifestyle from lack to wealth:

Saving- Saving is a wealth mindset behavior. Saving indicates that you know that living for tomorrow is equally important to living for today.

Giving- Giving is a wealth mindset behavior. Helping those in need helps the community and the individual you are giving to. Whether you give to a church, a nonprofit, or the single mom down the street, giving your resources supports a wealth mindset.

Responsible spending- Responsible spending is a wealth mindset. Living within your means and using debt as a tool, not a crutch, makes a wealth mindset.

Financial education- Financial education is a wealth mindset. Learning how to make your money work for you, rather than you working for your money, is a wealth mindset. Seeking guidance or gaining the knowledge to make the best financial decisions for you and your family stops poverty.

Teaching others- Teaching others is a wealth mindset. Taking the time to teach what you know and give away your expertise is a behavior that reinforces limitless resources. Being willing to be gracious and generous with your time, talents, and resources is a sure sign of a wealth mindset.

Deciding to shift your mindset towards wealth is admirable and a great first step towards success, but true wealth comes from actions. Doing the things that lead to wealth is much better than thinking about them.

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