Journal Your Way to the Life, Business, and Income of Your Dreams

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Is Journaling for you?

You probably heard of journaling before. You've likely run into someone who swears that journaling changed their life.

But journaling isn't only for self-reflection and self-discovery. Journaling is actually an incredibly effective tool for organizing your thoughts, for helping you brainstorm or for mapping out a big picture plan.

Create A Journal That Ignites and Deepens Your Soul

Breakthroughs Happen When Your Desire To Change Occurs 

Begin Living With Intention & Create A Business By Design

Inside This Planner You Will Find:


  • How to get started.

  • Journal tracker

  • Juornaling supply list

  • Tips for Creating a Journaling Ritual

  • Bullet Journal Template

  • Self-Discovery Journal Prompts

  • Abundant Money Journal Prompts

  • Journal Prompts to Uplevel Your Mindset

  • Journal Prompts for Increasing Sales

  • Journal Prompts for Creating Your Desired Life

If you’ve been online for any length of time as a business owner, you know that talk of journaling comes up in business conversations quite frequently. Not only is it a great way to organize your thoughts and to work out difficult problems, but it’s also a way to focus on exactly what you want out of life.


Journaling is not ‘woo woo’ or meant only for those who are already deeply in tune with their inner self. Absolutely anyone can journal and each person will derive a different benefit from the practice.


  • A small business owner can map out how to grow their business and income.

  • A college student can map out what kind of career they want to pursue which aligns to their interests.

  • Newlyweds can compare journals to choose where to live and what types of jobs pique their interest.

  • Retirees can journal about their bucket list adventures.

  • Adventurous families can plan their world travels while homeschooling the kids.

  • A budding author can use journals to map out their story arc.

  • Teens or young adults can use journals to record family history and stories from their elders.


This is just a small fraction of examples of how journals can help clarify important life questions.

Get the most out of your journaling experience.

It’s time to get planning!