Can You Get Rid Of Your Money Blocks?

Of course you can!

and we’re going to discuss some easy ways to do that within this planner.

There’s absolutely no shame in acknowledging that you fall into the poverty mindset; so many people do!

Now it’s time to take action to change that mindset and to change your outlook on life and your business.

Eliminating Your Money Blocks Can Happen In Far Less Time Than You Think!


With just a little time and effort, you can actually change your internal filter and create a new, more positive mindset around money and abundance.

A mindset where you recognize your own worth–and charge accordingly.

A mindset where you receive with ease and spend without a panic attack.

And a mindset where you trust deeply & fully in yourself and your ability to bring in the money you need to support yourself, your business and your dream lifestyle.

It’s possible. (And it’s actually required if you really want to operate like a successful entrepreneur.)

And that’s where I come in.


Busting Your Money Blocks Planner

In this planner you’ll learn 7 easy to follow steps to get rid of the money blocks that are holding you back, so you can finally improve your mindset and operate your business and life like a successful and confident CEO. 

Step ONE:

Acknowledging the Problem 

Step TWO:

Get to the Root of the Issue


Watch Your Language 

Step FOUR:

Recognize Where You’re Starting From

Step FIVE:
Dare to Dream 

Step SIX:

Generosity Breeds Abundance

Use Affirmations to Create Your New Reality

Take a Peek at this Step-by-Step Planner:

You’ll get a step-by-step planner to eliminate your money blocks.

This planner has clear steps and I’ve made it super easy to follow.

The Step-by-Step Planner Covers (27+ pages):

  • Introduction: Why Women Entrepreneurs (And Men, Too) Earn Less Than They Should
  • Step 1: Acknowledging the Problem Is Always the First Best Step
  • Step 2: Get to the Root of the Issue
  • Step 3: Watch Your Language
  • Step 4: Recognize (And Accept) Where You’re Starting From
  • Step 5: Dare to Dream
  • Step 6: Generosity Breeds Abundance
  • Step 7: Use Affirmations to Create Your New Reality

It includes exercises and instructions for each step.


The planner is regularly $67 but I am offering it for a limited time at $27


Now it’s time to take action to change your mindset and to change your outlook on life and your business.

Think about when you first opened your doors.


Did you do you fall into any of these categories?


You did your market research and put your price on your website.

You did your research, then hemmed and hawed over whether it was too expensive.

You lowered your price (even though you did market research) because you were new to the world of coaching and wanted to attract clients.


Business owners either have an abundance mindset which also brings self-confidence or they have a poverty mindset, which brings loads of self-doubt.


With this planner, you will be able to work on your mindset and overcome those money blocks.


Easy to follow steps to eliminate your money blocks as soon as possible.