$7.00 USD

Due to the nature of the product, there is not refunds.

Include a Power Session

My Power Sessions are 90 minutes long and have the intention of getting you moving forward.

These sessions are perfect to get you unstuck and also when you need immediate help.

You will get clarity and overcome indecision.

I will help you create a plan so you know exactly what to do.

The Power Session includes: Pre-questionnaire, 90 minutes 1:1 session, A plan of action

The 369 Guided Manifestation Journal

This journal uses the 369 manifestation method to help you create 3 of your most desired manifestations over the next 99 days. 

This journal not only offers you the space to write your intentions for the day but also provides helpful tips, exercises, affirmations and prompts to help you stay focused on your desires and take inspired action. You'll have an opportunity to look back and review what has been manifested over time, as well as get further clarity around your goals, dreams, and feelings associated with them.


By focusing on one powerful manifestation at a time, you can create tangible results in 99 days or less! With this journal, you can stay focused, balanced and motivated to manifest your best life.

Start living the life of your dreams today!